I am Pregnant, What Skincare Products are Safe?

Inclusivity is a top priority when it comes to our culture within the practice. This includes our Pregnancy and postpartum skin care options. These curated products not only feel good, but are therapeutic to common skin changes during this time for majority of people. Pairing your routine with a mineral tinted sun protection can create a beautiful light coverage, while providing adequate sun protection by reducing UVB (burning rays) & UVA (aging rays) exposure therefore protecting your skin from inflammatory skin disorders commonly present with pregnancy.

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Help, I have Acne! What is the Best Treatment?

The essential constituents of an acne prone routine are benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and niacinamide. Together curated correctly these ingredients will diminish discoloration as a result of acne and provide a clear complexion. Follow pro tips to avoid potential skin irritations and know treatment of acne can take a minimum of three months to begin seeing long lasting results. To facilitate a more effective treatment plan, modified Jessner and TCA peels on a routine basis are suggested.

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How Can I Combat Anti Aging

Any skin care professional would agree the two most underutilized, yet effective anti-aging products would be a proper sun protection and retinol. Sun protection to prevent and retinol to correct. Alastins innovative Trihex technology takes anti-aging to unparallel heights. Trihex is a patent blend of peptides engineered to rebuild supportive fragments of collagen and Elastin in skin . It’s never too early to begin an anti-aging or what we prefer to call a prejuvenation routine. At Clark aesthetics we make it a standard to implement in office procedures to fit all our patients needs and goals from facelift to facials...

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